Reflections to Infinity - My Fine Jewellery Show in review

The holiday season truly kicked off at Bibi van der Velden last week with my Reflections to Infinity fine jewellery show. We turned the studio into a winter wonderland in honour of the occasion, and I debuted my Ode to Amsterdam piece, a charm necklace fashioned from natural stones that span chalcedony to amber.

Taking inspiration from my brand’s home city, I’ve carved charms such as a cannabis leaf, a herring, and a red-light district window to conjure Amsterdam’s spirit. To read more about the concept to creation story, please head over to my bespoke section. Thank you to all those who joined me for a glimpse into the collections – among the guests were Alexandra Zagalsky, editor of The Week Fashion; Liza Urla, the founder of the Gemalogue blog; Emilie Zonino, watches & jewellery market editor at Vogue France; Ursula Lake, the founder and editor of Make magazine; influencer Serena Goh; and Hannah Silver, watches & jewellery editor at Wallpaper magazine. 

After taking in my designs, we all visited the Hermitage Amsterdam museum for a viewing of the “Jewels! Glittering at the Russian Court” exhibition, where my Memento Mori Ring inspired by the show is on display. If you find yourself in Amsterdam, this captivating exhibition is running until March 20, 2020.