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Tulip and Ant Choker

€ 37,395.00

The Tulip and Ant Choker follows the form of a flower, with the tulip’s stem fashioned in 18k rose gold to circle around the neck, to make a delicately-crafted yet striking jewellery statement. 

At one end of this open-ended design sits a tulip in 18k white and yellow gold, that’s embellished with an opal, moonstone, and blue and orange sapphires, while a small blackened silver ant sits in its petals, too. Meanwhile, a trail of 18k yellow gold and blackened silver ants is set along the choker’s stem, so they appear to crawl around the neck, with some of the insects holding seed pearl “eggs” in their mouths.

Materials: 18k White Gold, 18k Yellow Gold, 18k Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Opals, Tsavorites, Moonstone, Blue, Orange and Yellow Sapphires

Delivery time: Available Immediately

Tulip and Ant Choker
Tulip and Ant Choker
Tulip and Ant Choker
Tulip and Ant Choker

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