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Monkey Opal Earrings

€ 14,550.00

Two luminous opals – no two of which are the same – are the focal point of the glamorous Monkey Opal Earrings. Atop each of the opal drops sits a monkey fashioned in 18k rose gold and sterling silver, embellished with brown diamonds. Each monkey hangs from a palm-leaf shaped post, crafted in 18k yellow gold and studded with green tsavorites and yellow sapphires 

Materials: 18k Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver, Tsavorites, Yellow Sapphires, Opals

Dimensions: Opals approx 23x16 mm. One of a kind Opals: size, weight, shape may vary.

Fragile Opals, do not submerge in water, do not ultrasonic, beware of high heat.

Delivery time: Available Immediately
Monkey Opal Earrings
Monkey Opal Earrings