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Diamond Smoulder Ear Hangers

€ 16,900.00

Curving delicately around the edge of the ear, the Diamond Smoulder Ear Hangers conjure the ephemeral beauty of sinuous lines of smoke. Designed in 18k white gold, these finely crafted earrings are embellished with grey and white diamonds in contrasting cuts, to evoke smoke’s brooding tones. Attached to the lobe with a piercing, the ear cuffs are positioned so they curve around the ear’s edge. Inspired, Bibi says, by the almost “uncapturable organic shape” of smoke, these ear hangers have an elegant fluidity that’s all their own.

Materials: 18K White Gold, White Diamond, Grey Diamond

Delivery time: 6-8 weeks.

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Diamond Smoulder Ear Hangers Earrings Bibi van der Velden