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Animal Ring in a Ring

€ 15,185.00

Jungle animals writhe among one another in this opulent, highly detailed cocktail ring. Crafted in 18k rose gold and sterling silver, the ring spotlights lions, panthers, snakes, and elephants in its design, all embellished with brown diamonds, with different animals coming to the fore depending on the ring’s angle. Within this larger cocktail ring sits a sleek 18k gold ring, set with a proud lioness, to bring strength and luck. The price includes both the outer opening ring and this inner ring. Both rings can be worn alone or within one another.

Materials: 18k Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Diamonds (Includes Inner Panther Ring)

Dimensions: Top part: 30 mm long, 18 mm thick, 14 mm high. Shank: 4 mm thick. Weight 36.9 g

Delivery time: 4-5 Weeks

Animal Ring in a Ring
Animal Ring in a Ring
Animal Ring in a Ring

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