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Animal Earrings Scarab Wings

€ 10,020.00

Two blue-toned scarab beetles are the focal point of these drop earrings. With their Scarab wings embellished with white diamonds and 18k yellow golden adornments, these earrings evoke the colours of the evening sky.  The Scarab beetles clip onto stud earrings that are fashioned with myriad animals in their design, from snakes to elephants. Designed with multi-use in mind, these studs can be equally impactful when worn alone for day, as well as attaching the hanging Scarab wings for a more decadent evening look. Designed in 18k rose gold and sterling silver, the earrings are embellished with deep brown diamonds.

Limited Edition of 25

Materials: 18k Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Scarab Wings, Brown Diamonds

Delivery time: Available Immediately
Animal Earrings Scarab Wings
Animal Earrings Scarab Wings