The By Couture Podcast

COUTURE is the global authority of designer fine jewelry and luxury timepieces.

In the current COVID-19 environment, Couture Week has unfortunately been canceled, and yet the show must go on, starting digitally with key interviews on tastemakers within the industry.

With thanks to this, Bibi talks about all elements of her own design alongside sustainability and Auverture United to Michelle Orman.

Listen here.

When talking of the 60,000 year old mammoth tusk, Michelle asks why it is so important to repurpose these materials to items of fine jewellery, “The material itself is something that makes each piece an original” says Bibi. “No two are the same with how the material is sourced and it only gets better with age when the colour changes.”

“The beetle wings are a leftover material that we give new life.” she says, “I naturally feel so connected to nature in so many ways, and what I love about them the most is that nature wins in a certain way, and humans cannot improve on what already is.”

Bibi mentions her venture into support always, but especially now, with #AuvertureUnited at her helm and why she started Auverture entirely, “I am the biggest jewellery lover, I always champion lots of brands. I wear lots of different kinds of jewellery, as well as things I make myself.”

“I wanted to create a platform where you as the viewer get pulled into the creative design of these designers,” she says. “We’re a family of designers in which there’s a lot of space for collaboration and supporting one another in many ways.”

Sustainability is something always close to conversation, “We’re a movement against mass produced luxury,” says Bibi. “The perfect example of the equilibrium of nature is pearls. As humans, we try to elevate ourselves above nature, but I’m very satisfied when we’re not able to do that sometimes and show some humility.”