British Vogue: Is It Even Possible To Buy A Sustainable Engagement Ring?

How do you make better, more sustainable choices about jewellery? Annabel Davidson shines a light on this crucial subject and featuring one of our most beloved Bespoke creations.

 Bibi van der Velden Bespoke Engagement Ring

 "Dutch jeweller Bibi van der Velden recently sourced a diamond from the famous Asscher family of diamond cutters and dealers that was affectionately referred to as a “Winkeldochter” or “shop daughter” – meaning something that had been unsold for so long it had become part of the family. Retrieved from a necklace where it had been sitting for over 40 years, it ended up in a bespoke engagement ring for a private client, happy in its new home."

Read the full article as part of the #getyourgreens series of British Vogue.