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Wildfire Earrings

€ 17,835.00

These intricately detailed, asymmetric earrings – one to represent a tree’s branches and the other its roots - are symbolic of the destruction of nature but also its rebirth. The earrings are designed in 18k yellow gold, lent a smoky look with black diamond embellishment. Flames burning the trees are represented by orange and yellow sapphires, while warm-toned smoky quartz sits at the roots. But white diamonds at the tree’s roots and green tsavorites dotted along its branches nod to renewal and optimism, in this beautiful ode to nature.

Materials: 18k Yellow Gold, Tsavorite, Diamonds, Orange and Yellow Sapphires, Smoky Quartz

Dimensions: Upper Tree (one side): 40 mm long, 20 mm wide, 6-10 mm thick. Weight: 10.9 g.

Roots (the other side): 23 mm long, 15 mm wide, 12 mm thick. Weight: 7 g.

Delivery time: Available Immediately

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Wildfire Earrings Earrings Bibi van der Velden
Wildfire Earrings Earrings Bibi van der Velden
Wildfire Earrings Earrings Bibi van der Velden