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Scarab Star Earrings

€ 4.440

Sleek and graphic, these drop earrings are crafted as fine bars in 18k yellow gold, and are set with dazzling, diamond-embellished star motifs at the posts. The scarab motifs at the drop are fashioned in 18k yellow gold and sterling silver, and set with brown and white diamonds at their heads and amethyst at their bodies, with the purple stone sand-blasted for a subtle, matte effect.

Materials: 18k Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver, Brown Diamonds, White Diamonds, Amethyst

Dimensions: length 50 mm, 14 mm wide. Scarab 14x7 mm. Star 14x14 mm.

Delivery time: 8 - 10 weeks

Scarab Star Earrings
Scarab Star Earrings

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