Grand Gestures

Discover gifts that express your feelings on a grand scale. Perhaps you’ll choose the Scarab Eternity Necklace, that shines with a rainbow of colourful stones and real, iridescent scarab wings. Or the ingeniously crafted Alligator Wrap Bracelet, whose 18k yellow gold form is entirely articulated, with striking green tsavorites as its eyes. The perfect pieces if your significant other thrives on standing out.

scarab eternity necklace

A rare beauty. We’ve drawn on some truly unique materials to create the Scarab Eternity Necklace. Among them? Real scarab wings whose iridescent, blue-green hues glint and catch the light. Rich-toned, opaque amethysts. Pink and purple pavé sapphires.

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Smoke Haze Chandelier Earrings

The Smoke Haze Chandelier Earrings are delicate yet statement-making. Intricately crafted, each of these drop earrings is formed of individual, hinged elements that allow this sculptural piece to move as you wear it. In 18k white gold, the earrings gleam with white and grey diamonds and grey spinels.

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