The Animal Collection – A Precious Menagerie

Fierce, mythical, and friendly creatures become beautiful pieces of jewellery in Bibi’s hands. Alligators, bats, unicorns, frogs, and iguanas are fashioned in mammoth tusk, their forms crafted into rings, earrings, and necklaces. Designed in 18k yellow and rose gold, and embellished with silver and brown diamonds and tsavorites, these pieces are both precious and playful. Indeed, the jewellery’s form is often elegantly fused into its function. The Animal Alligator Earrings “snap” their 18k gold mouths to close on the ear, while the Pink Elephant Necklace’s trunk grasps onto the pendant’s chain. Finely-crafted to capture animals’ instinctive movements, these jewellery pieces are designs to treasure.