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Poseidon's Getaway Earrings

€ 10,660.00

Two halves of an 18k rose gold man clamber out of the shell-shaped Poseidon’s Getaway Earrings, the head from one earring and the legs from the other, lending an intriguing appeal. The earrings are designed in 18k rose gold and sterling silver, and embellished with blue and green sapphires on the front and brown diamonds at the back, with a rose cut brown diamond at each earring’s centre. Exemplifying Bibi’s attention to detail, moon and star motifs sit on the earrings’ fastenings at the back.

Materials: 18k Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Green and Blue Sapphires, Rose Cut Diamonds

Dimensions: 17 mm long, 23 mm wide, 7 mm thick. Weight: 11.9 g.

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Poseidon's Getaway Earrings
Poseidon's Getaway Earrings
Poseidon's Getaway Earrings

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