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Mermaid Tail Ring

€ 5,105.00

This highly-detailed ring depicts a mermaid’s tail, which is fashioned to rotate, so the ring can be worn open or closed. The ring is designed in 18k rose gold and dotted with brown diamonds, while the tail is in sterling silver, with a gold fin. The scales on the tails also move, taking inspiration from the intricate detail of antique jewellery.

Materials: 18k Rose Gold, Sterling Silver, Brown Diamonds

Dimensions: Upper part: 17 mm long, 9 mm wide, 7 mm thick. Weight: 7.1 g. Tail: 26 mm long, 8-17 mm wide, 1-7 mm thick. Weight: 6.5 g.

Delivery time: Available Immediately

Mermaid Tail Ring
Mermaid Tail Ring

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