The Galaxy Collection - Interplanetary Adornment

Luminous Tahitian pearls, iridescent opals, and 60,000-year-old mammoth tusk all come under the spotlight in the Galaxy Collection. Taking the cosmos as their inspiration, these elegant designs draw on Bibi’s fascination with clouds, stars, and the night sky. Pearls resemble tiny planets in rings and necklaces, while one statement cocktail ring is crafted around an opal that stands out for its swirling, multi-coloured tones, with each opal entirely unique, the stone orbited by pearl planets and diamond stars. 

Intricacy and movement is also infused into the collection. Take the Mammoth Galaxy Ring, fashioned as a mammoth tusk orb that spins in its 18k yellow gold setting, embellished with sapphires and diamonds. Many of these pieces can be personalised, too. The Mammoth Galaxy Spinning Necklace can be embellished with precious stones and gold accents in your zodiac sign’s constellation, while the Galaxy Opal Shooting Star Ring can be set with a unique combination of pavé stones, to represent children or significant others.