Posted on - Bibi van der Velden and Thomas de Haas’s Wedding in the English Countryside - June 21th 2016

Jewelry designer and sculptor Bibi van der Velden had a happy interruption during the massage she was getting while on vacation in St. Barth’s a couple of years ago—her boyfriend Thomas de Haas took over for the masseuse while dressed in a tuxedo and surprised van der Velden with a beautiful engagement ring. “I was completely shocked,” she remembers. “In a pleasant way of course.”

The couple’s relationship has had similar elements of surprise from the very start. Van der Velden originally met De Haas, the director of parts and services at Pon Power, at a festival called Valtifest in a wild party atmosphere where she never dreamed she’d find her match. “It was a dance party where everyone dresses up in a certain theme. I had a peacock on my shoulder and Thomas was dressed up like a zebra with mascara on his eyelashes,” says Van der Velden. “As you can imagine, it was love at first sight.”

After five years, two children, and the St. Barth’s engagement, Van der Velden and De Haas were more than ready to walk down the aisle. They decided they’d get married at Cornwell Manor in the Cotswolds, near where the bride-to-be grew up. “I always knew I wanted to get married in the English countryside,” Van der Velden explains. “But we also wanted to find a space that could house sixty large safari tents with double beds, but one that also wasn’t too big and still felt cozy for one hundred guests.” Aside from the unique accommodations, the wedding weekend itinerary was also filled with cricket and hunting games that spread over three days. And the explicit dress codes for each affair? Perhaps a nod to the first night they met: “The Hunter and the Hunted” tweeds for Friday and “A Midsummer Night’s Wilderness” for the wedding on Saturday.

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