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Mammoth Tusk

                            Because of the depressing and worrying fact, global warming and melting of the permafrost in Siberia, beautiful extraordinary artifacts are being discovered in the melting ice. One of those artifacts is the tusk of a 40.000 year old Mammoth. This tusk has been the starting point of my ‘Mammoth Collection’.

Many historic museums have already collected items like the tusk of a 40.000 year old Mammoth. The tusk that appears because of the global warming and melting of the permafrost are supposed to be thrown away or collected for private exposition. In 2009 I did my best to collect one of those teeth because I had the idea to use it as a material for jewellery. There was a lot to do with it because Mammoth tusk is often considered the same as Elephant ivory. This is absolutely not the case. In fact; (re)using the tusk of a Mammoth is totally in line with recycling and very environmentally conscious.
Once collected this tusk I let it cultivate in a small village in China. They are absolute expert’s in working with this material and they helped me together with my producers in Thailand to create this wonderful collection.
Often I get the question if it is allowed to sell jewellery of this collection because of the material. Are customs being difficult? The answer is no, at least everywhere except for the state New York. This state still has strict rules concerning the import of Mammoth tusk. It sometimes happens that customs of other countries hold the package with pieces of the Mammoth collection but when we explain what kind of material it is and show the official documents with allowance of importing it is approved.
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